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  • All deposits for ASTs signed after 6th April 2007 must be protected.

  • Deposits can be held by custodial schemes or protected by Insurance schemes.

  • Disputes will be settled by an independent board or go to court.

  • Judges consider a well-written inventory to be the BEST evidence

  • Letting Agents

  • Use your time more efficiently by outsourcing your inventories.

  • Inventories drawn up by an independent specialist are unbiased.

  • In a dispute case an accurate, fair schedule of condition will be favoured.

  • Offer this additional service to potential clients to gain instructions.

  •   Tenants

  • Your landlord or agent must tell you how your bond is being protected.

  • If they don’t, they will not be able end your tenancy via the usual way.

  • Protect yourself by asking for an independently written inventory.

  • Make sure you know your rights under the new laws.

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