We have a competitive pricing policy at Inventory Smart. We offer discount rates for multiple jobs.

Our Inventories start from £70.00, please feel free to talk to us about pricing as we want to make sure it is right for all of your requirements.

If you wish to talk to us about the price of our services, contact us via email or call on 07557334730 or 07467146745 and we will happily talk to you about pricing, coverage and our levels of service.

*Prices listed are for standard properties with 1 reception room and 1 bathroom: extra rooms and outbuildings may be subject to an additional charge of £10 per room.


*An update to an existing Inventory Smart inventory report = 20% discount off full inventory price.


*Any appointments taken outside of Newport may incur an additional charge.

*Cancellation of Inventory (arrival of Clerk) on agreed appointment date, an appropriate fee will be charged which will be dependent on the vicinity of the property.