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Inventory Report

Check-In Report

Check-Out Report

Inventory reports are carried out at the beginning of the rental agreement.

They are a very important part of a rental agreement as they protect both parties when compiled properly. They are a comprehensive report of all the fixtures and fittings including the condition of everything that is listed. Inventory Smart serve as an independent third party and protect the interests of both parties which are about to enter or exit the rental agreement.

Check-in reports are conducted at the beginning of the rental agreement’s duration. This would entail meeting the tenant at the property on the agreed move in date and time. The clerk would go round the property with the tenant then any amendments will be updated and the report will be signed by the tenant and clerk then sent direct to the landlord or agent within the hour.

A check-out report is compiled and prepared at the end of the rental agreement. The document is an integral part of the rental agreement as it describes and confirms the current state and content of the rental property as matched against the initial inventory report.

The purpose of the check-out report is to determine if the property has sustained any damages beyond the expected daily wear and tear during the course of the rental agreement. The report will also indicate whether or not certain items or appliances have been replaced or are missing altogether from the property. 

Mid-Term Inspection

Mid- Term Inspection is a visit to the property mid way through the tenancy agreement. A detailed report will give an assessment of how the property is being maintained and the current condition. 

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